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Mark Andol, founder of the Made in America Store, opened a 100% American Made Souvenir Shop in Niagara Falls, New York in 2012. It is the first souvenir store in the country that will give visitors the opportunity to buy authentic, American-made merchandise.

Made In America

“Over the last few years, I’ve conducted site visits to other states to consider prospective locations for additional brick & mortar Made in America Stores. Surprisingly, all roads led me to my back yard – Niagara Falls – the premier tourist destination in our region,” Andol began.

Made in America 2

Andol noted that the U.S. and Canadian sides of Niagara Falls draw a combined 20 million visitors annually. Niagara Falls is a highly recognized brand around the world. According to Andol, it’s on the “bucket list” of people everywhere. Travel and Leisure Magazine ranked Niagara Falls #5 of Top World Destinations.

Made in America 3

Media outlets from Japan, South Korea, Russia and Germany have interviewed Mark Andol and published or broadcast the Made in America story to millions in Asia and Europe. “Combining the Niagara Falls brand with the Made in America brand makes sense,” Andol continued. “The world already comes to Niagara Falls. Now we’re giving the world an opportunity to take home a piece of America by buying souvenirs whose raw materials, labor and packaging are 100% American Made. The souvenirs will be authentic and all-American.”

Made In America is located on the 2nd Floor

Phone number: 716-304-3622